New Alpine Restyle available soon

Alpine Electronics Restyle radios are about to get even larger. The company is poised to break its own record for the largest-screened car radio, moving up to 10 inches from the current 9 inches.

New Alpine Restyle available soon

Alpine’s new X110 SLV with a 10-inch screen won a 2016 CES Innovation Award as announced Tuesday.  Alpine says that the unit will work in 2014-Up Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Trucks.  Other than that, we’ll have to wait for CES for more information.  You can see a product teaser here.

Alpine has lead the way in producing larger-screened car radios, starting with 8-inch radios several years ago and moving to 9-inch radios last year. It found many of its buyers owned trucks and SUVs and it shifted its focus to the truck restyling market under a new “Restyle” program announced at CES 2014.

A typical current 9-inch Alpine Restyle radio comes with a dash kit for a plug and play installation into a specific truck or  SUV along with a Maestro integration data module. The radios include navigation, HDMI, lifetime traffic and other advanced features.



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