Alpine Audio Video Navigation X009

The unprecedented X009 with a 9-inch touch screen is the largest audio video navigation (AVN) system in the North American aftermarket.

Alpine Audio Video Navigation X009

Alpine Electronics is restyling mindsets and vehicle dashboards with the new X009 series Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) system with a 9-inch screen, which is the largest size in the aftermarket. The X009-GM, designed for GM trucks and SUVs, is the first model in the series and is now shipping. The X009U for custom applications is also now available.

Alpine invited members of the media for a “Ride and Drive” to experience first hand the new X009. In-vehicle entertainment enthusiast River Macomber attended on behalf of

Accompanying the launch of the X009 series is the new “Alpine Restyle” product, marketing and sales strategy. After conducting extensive research, the company found that the truck and SUV vehicle platform, along with the lifestyles lived by the owners of these vehicles, provided the best opportunity for innovation with the X009 series. Various external and internal activities are underway to reach these vehicle owners through social media programs, advertising, consumer events and in-store displays. The Alpine Restyle strategy was recently shared with authorized Alpine retailers at a Dallas launch event, where attendees learned why and how they should target these consumers.

The unprecedented X009 with a 9-inch touch screen is the largest audio/video/navigation (AVN) system for the North American aftermarket. It is designed for active truck and SUV owners who rely on their vehicles for work and play. With its oversized screen, integrated system and advanced technology, this premium system is the ultimate truck and SUV upgrade.

Alpine’s in-the-field marketing strategy, utilizing a small fleet of “Alpine Restyle” pickups, is a very bright spot for the 12volt industry.

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